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EFEKTO protection products keep your plants healthy and immune from damage caused by pests and diseases. Protection products, whether they are made from natural products, chemicals or synthetics, are perfectly safe for you, your plants and the environment, providing they are used responsibly.
All garden protection products must be registered by the Department of Agriculture (DoA) under Act No 36 of 1947, to be eligible for sale in South Africa and Namibia. Responsible and environment-friendly gardeners only use protection products that are registered for use against the particular pest you need to control.

Each EFEKTO protection product contains a pamphlet listing the exact dosage required to control the pest, disease or weed in question. Apply protection products strictly in accordance with the instructions on the product label or pamphlet. As certain insects and fungi may not be controlled with one single application, a repeat spray programme may be required. The dosage for each application has been thoroughly and scientifically determined. Never exceed the recommended dosage rate.

Safe storage and disposal
Always handle protection products with care.

  • Store protection products away from food, and out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals, in a well-ventilated storage place.
  • Store protection products in original containers with the pamphlets enclosed. Never re-use the containers for any other purpose.
  • When mixing sprays, clean up spillages as soon as possible, to prevent possible contamination.
  • Avoid inhalation.
  • Spray any excess mixture out onto plants and never pour it down the drain.
  • Clean spraying equipment directly after use.