October 2016

Rose Care 101: The ultimate rose care guide

By |October 28th, 2016

October is rose month! We are quickly heading towards summer and the change of seasons is evident in the beautiful abundance of flowers everywhere. To keep your roses looking lovely all through the summer, you will need to make sure that you care for them properly now. Here is our ultimate guide to taking care of roses this month.



Watch out for aphids, beetles and bollworm

Aphids, also known as blackfly or greenfly, are small green or pink spear-shaped insects that live on the sap of new, soft growth. They can usually be found on new rose buds and on the underside of the plant’s leaves. The insect goes through a series of moults during its life-cycle, leaving white aphid skins on infected leaves and buds.

Aside from stunting the growth of the plant, the insects also produce a sticky substance called honeydew which attracts ants or cause a fungal growth, sooty mould. This black covering of the leaves greatly inhibits the plant’s ability to photosynthesize, preventing it from thriving.

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African Fruit Beetles or Rose Beetles are large black and yellow beetles that live on the sap inside a rose bud. They bore deep into the bud to extract the liquid, destroying the flower in the process. On the upside, these bugs are a favoured snack for red-wing starlings and hadida or ibises.

African Bollworm is a major pest in South Africa that can have devastating effects because of its voracious feeding habits. The worm enters the flower to feed, thereby destroying it. Being notoriously able to develop resistance to chemicals, bollworms can be difficult to control.

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Powdery mildew, as the name suggests, can be seen as a soft, white powder-like growth on the leaves and shoots of […]

August 2014

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