Efekto, Since 1973


Welcome To Efekto

Since 1973, Efekto has been helping gardeners to create beautiful, bountiful and balanced gardens. The company’s range of fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides adhere stringently to government safety regulations, and this, combined with the broad spectrum of products offered and proven reliability over the decades, has ensured the Efekto brand a place in every garden shed.

Efekto has blossomed into a major garden chemicals producer since its small beginnings  as a division of the local Agricura Agrochemical Company. Back then, its aim was specifically to supply agro-chemicals in quantities small enough to meet the needs of the home gardener. Since then, more than 500 products have been brought onto the market by Efekto.

Who is Efekto

Research & Development
The company is not stopping there though: it prides itself on providing whatever is necessary to make the gardening experience more convenient and enjoyable. So whether it’s high-tech chemical remedies or natural products; a request for a single broad-spectrum pesticide or a full range of products to target and control any number of household and garden pests, Efekto aims to meet and surpass all gardening and pest control needs. New benefits in pest control and plant care are continually sought through ongoing research and development
Efekto, a Complete Garden Resource
Much has changed over the past 30 years, including gardens. They are no longer simply aesthetically pleasing green lungs, but have rightfully taken their place as tranquil retreats and a source of intense enjoyment for urban executive professionals, male and female. Bearing this in mind, Efekto has created a holistic gardening solution to reflect the requirements of this exacting yet time-pressed market. Incorporating the elements of plant nutrition (the Wonder range of ‘classic’ chemical as well as organic fertilisers), plant protection (pesticides, fungicides etc) and water care products through specific products and management, Efekto is a complete garden resource.